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4 Easy Ways to Conquer Credentialing from our Nationally-Known Credentialing Team

Being credentialed for a new role can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Independence Anesthesia has a nationally known, in-house credentialing team that is prepared to make credentialing a breeze for each assignment—long-term or short-term!

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Best Practices:

There are many moving parts when being credentialed for a new role. Here are some tips to keep in mind when we are preparing your paperwork for a smooth credentialing experience.

Keep all your important documents in one place so it is easy to forward them along.

Examples of these include: diplomas, board certifications, license copies, DEAs, driver’s licenses, and health documents.

Maintain a CV with up-to-date, accurate work history and dates in month/year format.

Independence Anesthesia is more than happy to help you organize your CV. Ask your recruiter about this free service!

Be sure to have 3 references with contact information ready.

These contacts should be prepared to fill out references on your behalf when necessary.

Prepare to communicate often.

The stronger communication is between you and our credentialing team, the easier the whole process will go. Our response time is typically very quick!

Hear From Our Clients and Providers:

Our credentialing team is proud to offer their services to our providers. We provide complete, accurate paperwork to our clients form the start of credentialing. By taking a lot of care in preparing your credentialing file in the beginning of the process, we do not miss start dates. Our team is here to be a concierge and assist you with any credentialing questions or needs. 

Teresa Barker
Teresa Barker, VP of Credentialing Services

Meet our VP of Credentialing Services:

Teresa Barker has worked in medical credentialing for 10 years. She has accrued a specific skillset that allows her to tackle unique situations with a methodical approach. She leads our credentialing department across three divisions: ICON Medical Network, Independence Anesthesia, and MedAdventures.

About Independence Anesthesia:

Since 2003, Independence Anesthesia Services, a division of IMN Enterprises, LLC, has remained passionately committed to exceptional patient care by building, developing, and maintaining long-term relationships with facilities and providers.

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