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IAS Featured on CRNA Podcast, Core Anesthesia

Independence Anesthesia was recently featured on CRNA podcast, Core Anesthesia in “E99: Real Talk: Locum Tenen Work”. Core Anesthesia offers a CRNA-led curriculum that helps you earn CEUs while you prepare for exams, boards, and your career. So skip the huge stack of review guides and pick up your phone to download their app and podcasts!

This episode explores the world of locum tenens as it applies to the field of nurse anesthesia. There can be a great deal of fear and uncertainty about contract work and clarity must be gained before seriously considering it as a career option. Independence Anesthesia has been in the business of locums for close to 20 years. With the help of Miriam Amodeo, Senior Client Services Manager, and Janet Elkin, IAS President & CEO, this podcast offers great insight into the industry. Here are a few of the common questions answered by our team:

What is locum tenens?

Locum tenens is a Latin term meaning “to hold the place of, to substitute for.” Locum tenens positions are hired to fill in for absent employees or when extra staffing is required. In order to sufficiently take care of patients during staff shortages, facilities will hire locum tenens.

Why would someone want to do 1099 contracting?
  • Pay rates can be considerably higher 
  • You can travel around the country 
  • It is great for flexibility in your schedule
  • Allow yourself time off, especially if you’re planning an extended sabbatical
  • Enjoy your clinical experience and avoid workplace politics
  • Gain experience clinically by working in different environments
  • If you’re thinking of moving to another part of the country, you can also work locum to really get a feel for the area
What are the contract lengths? 
  • Typically 3 months, some are a year long 
  • 30 day out within contracts 
  • Certain situations elicit immediate notice that a CRNA can leave  
How should you manage your finances?
  • Hire an accountant to help manage your taxes
  • Many costs are tax write-offs for you with your LLC 
    • For example, providing your own malpractice is a write-off
 How is housing?
  • If lodging is included in the package, then we take care of everything
  • Housing stipend 
  • You aren’t fronting any money 
  • We have a travel team that cares for each provider
  • Plus, we partner with Christopherson Travel for after-hours, emergency needs 
How long does credentialing take?
  • Typically 30-60 days
  • Emergency or temp privileges are sometimes offered
  • To help keep credentialling seamless, keep an electronic file of insurance, malpractice, ACLS, PALS, etc., and update your CV regularly.
What are examples of things to negotiate in contracts?
  • Shift length 
  • Time off
    • You typically can request additional time off with 30-day notice
  • Lodging
  • Guaranteed hours
  • Overtime rate
  • Malpractice 
  • End date of your assignment
  • Option to extend the assignment
  • Specific case types (this normally comes out when your CV is submitted to the facility initially) 
When do you see your income? 
  • You’re paid 2 weeks after your start date and then every week after that! 
    • Our payroll team ensures everyone is paid on time 
What about job security?
  • 30 days’ notice can come from the facility
    • With IAS, this has not happened in a very long time
  • We can get you credentialed for another position 
If you are brand new to locums, what do you do to prepare?
  • For new graduates, take on tough cases, work in big hospitals, experience level 1 trauma
    • This helps you become more marketable for locum tenens and excellent in your field 
  • Find an agency, submit your CV, and work with a recruiter to see what type of job you would like to pursue (pay rate, cases, etc.) 
What does a good agency look like? 
  • They protect your CV and do not submit you to an assignment without your explicit permission 
  • Their contracts have a built-in 30-day out
  • They are willing to have you talk to someone who has worked with them
  • You should be able to reach anyone in the company 
What are some of the reasons Independence Anesthesia is great?
  • We offer IAS profits interest to qualifying providers
  • We work hard to minimize gaps in locum assignments and income 
  • Our model involves one point of contact–your recruiter
  • You receive a discounted rate when forming your LLC with Firmly, our partner
  • Credentialing team is top-notch and known nationally
  • We have a Win/Win referral bonus
  • Personal service–we are going to be there for you the whole time 
  • If any misunderstandings come up during an assignment we will step in and solve it for you
  • Weekly pay
  • If you decide you want to go permanent, we have tons of options.
  • We are going to start a scholarship for students!
  • Don’t just hear it from us! Read testimonials from our providers.



To listen to the full episode, search for Core Anesthesia “E99: Real Talk: Locum Tenen Work” wherever you listen to your favorite CRNA podcasts. For more about Core Anesthesia, follow them on social media and visit their website.

Looking to explore some of our locum tenens opportunities? Learn more about locum tenens on our website. Search for locum and permanent assignments down below or click here to visit our job board!

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