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IAS Blog – New York CRNAs Rally for Recognition

nurses rally in New York

NY CRNAs Rally for Official Recognition 

On Tuesday, May 9th, 2023, CRNAs took to the New York Capitol to rally for recognition of the nurse anesthetist career (1). With official recognition, CRNAs hope that anesthesia services will become more widely available in rural communities across the state. CRNAs currently make up 80% of all anesthesia providers in rural communities in the United States (2). 

Beginning with Iowa in 2001, US states began opting out of the supervision requirement for CRNAs (3). During the COVID-19 pandemic, CRNAs were allowed to practice without direct supervision of an anesthesiologist due to the incredibly high demand of their expertise. Today, 42 states have opted out of supervision—New York not being one of them. 

Despite being the only state to not officially recognize nurse anesthesiology as a profession, New York has highlighted CRNAs as critical assets to the field of dentistry. In 2022, New York State Education Department (NYSED) outlined that CRNAs can practice under the supervision of a licensed dentist (4). 

What’s Next for New York CRNAs? 

Though the field of nurse anesthesia has come a long way, there is still progress to be made. CRNAs are still fighting for professional recognition in New York.

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