Locum Tenens Staffing

Flexible solutions when you need exceptional providers.

Why Use Locum Tenens Providers?

With a projected physician shortage of 139,000 by 2033, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, healthcare facilities must increasingly consider alternative means of staying fully staffed and delivering quality care. For many facilities, that means utilizing locum tenens providers.

A locum tenens provider is a physician (MD or DO) or advanced practitioner (CRNA) who temporarily works for a facility for a set period of time. Independence Anesthesia Services works with hospitals, anesthesia groups and ambulatory surgical centers, providing them with locum tenens CRNAs and anesthesiologists. We are trusted by facilities across the country to deliver skilled, fully vetted, licensed professionals in a timely manner.

What Can Locums From IAS Do For Your Healthcare Facility?

Time is your most precious resource – and as an administrator, it’s likely in short supply. With locum tenens solutions from IAS, you can see a faster turnaround than filling a role full time. It can take over 200 days to fill a permanent role, but it takes a fraction of that time to place a locums provider. Leverage our services while you search for the perfect full-time staff member.

Patient volume impacts for a revenue a facility or anesthesia group. If you can’t provide services to enough patients or cannot schedule procedures in a timely fashion, your facility will feel the pinch in the bottom line. Hiring locum tenens providers can help your facility meet its demand or even build long-term volume.

Hiring locums providers isn’t cheap, to be sure. However, because those providers are not employees and your facility is not responsible for taxes or benefits, locums can be more cost-effective. And because you can leverage locums to increase volume, they can actually help you generate profits over the long term.

Burnout among physicians and advanced practitioners is high. And burnout doesn’t just impact your anesthesiologists. It also affects the staff who work with them and your patients. Locum tenens providers can be leveraged to supplement hours and allow existing employees to achieve a stronger work-life balance.